Plain Shape Object

A Plain Shape Object is an object that is made up of core shape properties as specified by SVG points. It can additionally hold other useful properties, such as fill or duration.


A Shape consists of one or more Keyframes.

It is created by passing one or more Plain Shape Objects to the shape function

A Shape can be rendered with the render function and placed on a timeline with the timeline function.


A Keyframe holds the type, dimension and color data required to render a shape.

If the Keyframe is not the first of a Shape it also holds the data to tween from the previous Keyframe.


A Frame is a Shape at a specific point in time.

This will either be identicle to a Keyframe, or if in between two Keyframes the Frame will be calculated using a tween.


A Timeline is a sequence of Shapes over time.

It is created by passing one or more Shapes to the timeline function

A Timeline can be rendered with the render function, played with the the play function and paused with the pause function.