Wilderness is free and open-source.

It can be used as an ES2015 module, required with commonjs or loaded with a script element.

To get Wilderness we can install the npm distribution:

yarn add wilderness


npm install --save wilderness

Alternatively we can link to (or download) the distribution from the unpkg CDN.

ES2015 module

import { shape, timeline, render, play } from 'wilderness'


const { shape, timeline, render, play } = require('wilderness')


It's also possible to just drop a javascript file onto our page.

We can select either the development or production file from the dist directory of the distribution. To understand the difference between the two files see the lesson development v production.

We then link to this file with a script tag in our HTML layout.

<script src=""></script>

We will then have access to the global Wilderness object.

const shape = Wilderness.shape
const timeline = Wilderness.timeline
const render = Wilderness.render
const play =

Now that we have Wilderness all ready to go, it's about time we learned how to use it!